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One Spoon at a time-Living with Chronic illness

Living with a chronic condition can create a cycle of uncertainty and trauma with many other feelings in between. There are many articles and publications that talk about the link between trauma and chronic illness, with chronic conditions being explained as a causal effect of trauma, but the nature of chronic illness itself and the impact it has on our lives and relationships can create a recurrent trauma all of it’s own. READ THE FULL POST

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Up All Night To Get Happy?

Many of us are living lives that are so full to the brim with to do lists, relationships, emotions and activities that we become lost in a cycle of work and play that leaves no room for rest. With so much available 24/7 via the internet the world is never truly asleep and neither are we. But what exactly is keeping us up into the early hours even after we’ve gone past the point of exhaustion and long after being awake has stopped being fun? READ MORE

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The Emotional cost of being Woke

From celebration to satire, #woke is all around us. But it’s not all Trump protests and #bbqbecky memes. Being Woke can feel like an enlightened gift but it can also feel like a burden, kicking up a hornets nest in our sense of identity and security in the world around us. READ THE FULL POST

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Me Vs Me - When your inner voice is a meanie

Sometimes we may be conscious of nagging doubts in our minds over our choices or capabilities. Questions about whether we are deserving or good enough can swirl around at crucial moments when we encounter an opportunity or are on the brink of making changes. But sometimes that nagging voice can get bigger and louder to the point where it becomes a downright obnoxious bully. Stepping into our path to block the way at every turn, making us question our every thought and movement until we reach near paralysis and wearing us down until we give up hope, dreams, ambitions, relationships and more. READ MORE

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What's your Secret?

There are many kinds of secrets, Secrets we keep from others, for others or maybe even secrets we keep from ourselves. My latest blog post 'what's your Secret?' looks at where our secrets lie and the consequences of keeping things to ourselves. READ THE FULL POST

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Come join me down The Well

Earlier this year I read the classic 1928 Novel The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall. As a counsellor I recognised many of the main character Stephens experiences, from struggling to accept her body and sexuality to the trauma of suddenly losing a loved one and the isolation and pain of parental rejection and social prejudice.

Although the novel is most famous for being banned for obscenity due to it's story of love between women, it was the very human depiction of personal suffering that left a lasting impression on me. CONTINUE READING


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Surviving Summer

Here in England we don’t see much sunshine so for many of us the long awaited summer months bring a welcome dose of Vitamin D and an excuse to hit the G&T’s and jugs of Pimms hard. It’s also probably the most sociable time of year after Christmas with all those BBQs, beach trips, weddings and picnics. And let’s not forget the much deserved annual trip abroad. All pretty great if you’re in a good place and your mental health is in top nick. But what if you’re not? READ THE FULL POST

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