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Online Relationship Counselling

Sustaining a loving and intimate relationship is not always easy and sometimes even our best intentions can become lost and entangled amongst the stresses and pressures of life or the shadow of past or present life experiences. Many things can get in the way of being able to communicate and understand each other and sometimes being able to regain a close and fulfilling partnership seems like an impossible task.

Relationship counselling is a chance to learn how to hear each other again and to find a way to overcome past and present difficulties in your relationship together as a team. Every relationship faces difficult times, and depending on our personality and circumstances, we all react and deal with things in different ways. Our sessions are a chance for you to begin reading from the same page, it is not a miracle cure if one or all of you no longer wishes to continue the relationship, but if there is a desire and hope to find a way forward, even if it seems impossible, then it is a worthwhile investment in your shared happiness.

Couples therapy can help with

  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Intimacy
  • Falling out of love
  • Overcoming infidelity
  • Sexual problems
  • Starting a family
  • Parenthood pressures
  • Arguments and Conflict
  • Considering Reconciliation
  • Considering Separation

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“Now everyday ain't gonna be like a summer's day
Being in love for real it ain't like a movie screen
But I can tell you all the drama aside
you and I can find what the worlds been Looking for forever
friendship and love together.” Can I walk with you, India Arie

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